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  • MusiQwik and Musisync Music Fonts

    MusiQwik and Musisync is a free music fonts. MusiQwik, MusiQwikB, and Musisync are True Type fonts, compatible with any modern Windows system, as well as Mac OS-X, and some installations of Linux. To use these fonts, you need a character map. The programs built into Windows XP or Vista are adequate, although the displayed size is often too small to discern. You may find it useful to obtain a third-party character map utility.

    MusiQwik is intended for writing a simply musical melody, of the sort that someone might be able to sing. A variety of pitches and durations are available. Very high, very low, and very short-duration notes are not included. MusiQwikB will be regarded as a “bold” version, but it is not bold. The difference is that where MusiQwik has eighth notes (quavers), MusiQwikB has sixteenth notes (semiquavers).

    MusiSync displays a variety of note timings. The characters are useful for general decoration, or for learning a rhythm.

    MusiQwik and Musisync Details:

    • Music Font
    • File size: 243 KB
    • File format: .ttf
    • Author: by Robert Allgeyer
    • License: Open Font License (OFL)
    • Read more it’s included documentation file
    MusiQwik and Musisync Music Fonts

    MusiQwik and Musisync Music Fonts

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